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Buy garden teak furniture direct from Indonesia furniture

Buy garden teak furniture direct from Indonesia furniture manufacturer here for all your request and order in a wholesale trading and also for custom made order available.

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 The advantages of buy direct is that you can save and reduce more costs and expenses. Buy bespoke or designer furniture directly for discount prices by ordering directly from Piguno furniture manufacturer. Our warehouses is available  want to purchase at your local retailer.

Buy furniture direct from Piguno Indonesia furniture manufacturer offers a huge savings when you buy from us. We have the awesome selection offered with the one of the most diverse selections, an exquisite mix of high quality factory direct furniture.

Indonesia furniture manufacturer by Piguno
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Solo - Central Java - Indonesia
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See why people travel from great distances to buy their furniture here. You can buy various high quality furniture direct from Indonesia furniture manufacturer for the home or office that you can really save money.

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Furniture sets from one popular manufacturers provides a wide variety in all styles including contemporary, reproduction directly from Indonesia to save your cost and purchase guarantee. Well-made furniture for your wholesale business is spoilt for choice, offer affordable High quality furniture deal with the manufacturers. Our prices are discounted so low and that sells directly to the public at the lowest represented.

Piguno Indonesia Furniture Factory service that makes ordering become a pleasure before and after your purchase. Find what you need and contact our team of furniture experts that offer a wide range of quality furniture made in Indonesia Furniture. All available in our warehouse to view and purchase with many different styles. Furniture manufacturers deliver all modern and antique furniture, offer the best and great prices.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Piguno reclaimed teak furniture made from reclaimed teak

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Piguno reclaimed teak furniture made from reclaimed and recycled teak wooden custom manufacturing also available. An awesome selection of various sized reclaimed and recycled use a combination of new with old wood to construct which looks solid furnishings with hand crafted material that has great characteristics for outdoor use.
Indonesia reclaimed teak wood furniture become popular enormously resilient and retains about the integrity well used piece of furniture for all experience. Design of unique with high-end formed tables, chairs and benches old teak lumber.

Wholesale furniture | Furniture projects | Furniture

Piguno - reclaimed teak wood Collection for All-weather and premium teak table, chair and bench. Durable strands with a rustproof and also consists of many products created boasts all of the beauty and benefits, manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Complementary styles that use materials such as reclaimed woods for everyday living built by reliable Indonesia furniture manufacturer base in Solo with and Eco-friendly focused factory specialize in the design and manufacture of both outdoor furniture and indoor furniture purposes is fully sustainable with a great durability as well as strength to the piece.

Piguno Indonesia - Indonesia teak wooden furniture manufacturers
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Piguno - Reclaimed outdoor furniture that’s beautifully hand-carved, a sustainable plantation teak to produce Indonesian teak garden furniture. Beautifully aged of weathered wood which is sustainability Sourced Solo teak furniture with all range style design 100% natural without chemical treatment producing high quality wood furniture made in chic shades paired, and also glamorous surfaces make this beautiful, tropical hardwood is more highly valued.
Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture collection is crafted with based on extremely durable hardwood, which become the perfect addition for your outdoor home space area.

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Piguno - Wholesale Indonesia teak wood furniture manufacture

 Indonesia furniture | Wholesale Indonesia furniture | Indonesia furniture manufacture | Furniture projects

Piguno teak wood furniture that make indoor furniture and outdoor furniture living more fun, furnish your home, garden with an exclusive designs a preferred solid wood furniture material since many long years ago. Manufacturer of Teak Wood Furniture to enhance any outdoor space pottery ware and soft furnishing all made in Solo furniture, Central of Java Province, Indonesia.
Great stuff for your  backyard and patio including wooden made to order Indonesian teak wood furniture construction allows handmade crafted as a genus of tropical hardwood trees that is found only in south east Asia.

Indoor teak furniture | Wholesale Indoor teak

Indonesian teak wood with heavy and dense with an extremely tight grain so that no worry about damage from the elements. A water-resistant Teak wood has special qualities for its Durability and natural weather resistance that makes it excellent wood for outdoor teak furniture, hold up long enough to pass as become the benchmark for a preferred recumbent seating because it is more durable and better crafted and stands well under all-weather conditions. Tropical hardwood recognized for its stability, most durable and strongest perfect material for outdoor furniture that lasts.

Stylish and exclusive range of wooden furniture for garden, patio, bedroom, living room, dining room and more made up of pure teak wood, crafted high quality wood that is resistant to face extreme temperatures and insects disruption, and also available certified Solo Furniture reclaimed or recycled teak takes environment sustainability to fit your modern lifestyle, an exceptionally dense tropical hardwood, make it a favorite for exterior furniture. Indonesian teak hardwood furniture is made from wood from legal plantations with original certification.

Piguno Indonesian teak wood furniture with a higher density to the tighter grain of the wood, resistant to termites readily available valuable for its elegance and its durability. It comes in a wide variety of teak woods when manufactured into furniture. Beauty and elegance to outdoor furniture, varied shades and ease of construction with rich appearance. A stronger material that you can always clean, shiny, durable and long lasting raw material, resistant to water and does not damage the wood, lustrous finish and rich also making it a fantastic choices for you home and teak garden furniture.

Indonesia Online Furniture Store, Ethnic craft available for buyers across the world. The trusted names in the market and for wholesale export offer wide array of highest quality sets & many more in Indonesia Furniture. The finest selection of legally sourced and also certified teak wood for indoor and outdoor made in Java custom manufacturing available.

Contact info to info(at) for more information, wholesale & retail are welcome!

This is really more beauty and durability that makes it is a popular choice for both interior and exterior wood furniture such as teak garden chairs. Grade-A Teak Wood supplied by experienced manufacturers in classic as well as modern designs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mahogany Furniture by Piguno Indonesia

Mahogany Furniture | Indonesia furniture | Indoor Teak Furniture | Indoor mahogany

On Piguno Indonesia, Indonesia mahogany furniture is one of the most popular furniture products in the world. Indonesia is one of the largest exporters which export its many furniture products to various countries in the world including European countries, Asia and USA. The popularity of this particular furniture is none other due to its material and its design. Indonesia is a country which is rich of raw materials, and one of them is mahogany wood. Mahogany is one of the best materials to make furniture due to its durability and hardness.
In Indonesia country, we can easily find this kind of tree because this tree grows very rapidly compared to other trees like teak, rosewood & etc ...

On Indonesia, there are many kind of which is often to be exported to other & some countries. The most common furniture that is often being exported is table & chair. Table, especially the one which is made out of mahogany wood, can be considered as a very precious thing because they’re all have superior quality and thus its price is very expensive. Mahogany table usually has a color of dark brown and it has been furnished with special layer of shiny transparent paint. The table usually has scratch proof surface to prevent any damage to its surface and will be potentially harming to its value.
When you are in Indonesia, don't hesitate to contact us related our products & services.

Furniture | Asia mahogany furniture wholesale

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PIGUNO – Indonesia furniture
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The next most common Indonesian mahogany furniture is in form of chair. Indonesia exported much furniture in the form of chair to other countries because the demand for mahogany furniture is very high. The chairs have many variations of size and design. There are normal chairs, sofas, and couches. There is also a model of rocking chair or lazy chair which can be rocked back and forth as we sit on the chair. This kind of chair model would receive many good responses from elderly customers.

Piguno mahogany furniture is considered to be one of the best furniture in the world because it has much superiority compared to other furniture products which are made from other lesser materials. Mahogany furniture is very strong and very durable compared to other material’s furniture. Mahogany furniture usually has been processed with some special treatments which allow the furniture to be termite-proof furniture so it will last longer than any other furniture which are made from lesser materials. Moreover, Indonesian mahogany furniture ensures the quality of their products with strict quality control and quality checking before and after shipping.
There are many options for choosing the best choices for mahogany furniture. From the solid type, with or without painting, and also custom order for antique reproduction. Refinishing from second hand can be arranged for further restoration which all available in Piguno Furniture collections.

Teak Furniture and mahogany furniture always become the first choice in Piguno Indonesia Furniture, and has been worldwide known for its quality. You can decorate your outdoor and indoor for residence, home or garden, with the suitable mahogany bedroom, living room, dining room, and for outdoor spaces.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Indonesian outdoor teak furniture by Piguno

Indonesia furniture | Wholesale Indonesia furniture online | Furniture projects for wedding

Piguno Indonesia offers Indonesia outdoor teak furniture well-crafted and chosen quality provide longest lasting outdoor teak furnishings available used for things which require resistance with its elements. A top choice for outdoor furnishings beautiful sets is durable and sturdy as a significant investment. Enjoy the benefits of Indonesian teak outdoor furniture in providing elegant, solid and all weather protected tables, benches, chairs, loungers, steamers and many others. Crafted from beautiful Indonesian furniture teak wood come in a variety of styles made from top A grade kiln dried timber.

Greeting from Piguno Indonesia ......... :)

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PIGUNO – Indonesia furniture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62  272 555 888 or +62  272 555 777
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At Piguno, outdoor teak furniture have a range of beautifully crafted to use our very own backyard space. It is manufactured to the highest standards which both beautiful and functional. Teak outdoor made of sturdy and hardy enough high quality wooden materials for outdoor use, all the beauty but less maintenance on qualifying orders.

Furniture | Indonesia furniture for hotel

Indonesian teak furniture joinery for longevity the great quality of products for excellence and elegance design. Fine quality teak patio furniture is beauty weather-resistance as well as its durablity from kiln dried plantation grown in Piguno furniture, Central Java of Indonesia with original luster mild as become non-abrasive solution. Teak garden furniture sleek collection crafted from solid premium teak, perform beautifully with its dense and extremely durable performance as a beautiful outdoor teak furnishings made from the finest plantation grown.
All made from only genuine and legal materials from Central Java, Indonesia has been sort after for fine and stylish choice your patio or garden. Teak wood have elegant look, and of course provide strong construction which requires low maintenance.

On Piguno Indonesia, outdoor furniture teak will provide a lifetime of enjoyment in any spaces outdoor as better way to enjoy patio or garden with full relaxation. It has unique qualities with its ability to with stand in climate and also it’s strength construction that you will find amazing collections.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pigunoc factory direct furniture wholesaler

Welcome to Piguno Indonesia - Furniture, Craft & Lighting
Piguno furniture - Factory direct furniture wholesaler for incredible savings brings shoppers exceptional value to help furnish your home and garden. Piguno wholesale teak furniture offer many kind of design and unique collection direct from the warehouse all of you can order it directly to meet your home and garden furnishings needs.

Indonesia furniture manufacture | Wholesale Indonesia furniture exporter | Furniture

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more info about related our products and services.
PIGUNO – Indonesia furniture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62  272 555 888 or +62  272 555 777
Contact Person : Ari (Mr)   Email : info[at]

Furniture direct is offering stylish design with most affordable prices on the best quality  all factory direct purchases. Massive Range of Quality with great quality products includes background information and consumer experience offer thousands of quality and stylish furniture pieces in a generous selection up to shipping and or warehousing.

It is ship direct from the factory that originally housed in Piguno furniture factory direct furniture wholesaler high finish custom that includes for both indoor furnishing and outdoor furniture offer exceptionally your source for all kinds of furniture. Furniture factory direct Indonesian Teak Furniture Wholesale delivered to your home, you can shop for chairs, beds, lounges, tables, dining suites, office furniture and all kinds of beautifully designed, precious natural environment as an exquisite mix of high quality factory direct furniture online shop.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

leather teak furniture a great inspiration for home decor

Indonesia furniture | Wholesale contemporary furniture | Indonesia Rattan furniture

Piguno offer leather teak furniture a great inspiration available for outdoor and indoor use, inspired elements from antique up to modern leather Stylish and Affordable. Teak Leather Furniture clean crisp design collections of fine leather sofas and recliners, traditional leather-backed teak dining chairs, lounge teak and leather chair has expertly constructed for every room in your home.

These contemporary Indonesia furniture feature solid elegant teak and delicate leather chair is very stylish addition to your interior or for outdoor as well with the sleek design, a stunning unique innovation made available.

Piguno offer leather teak furniture in gorgeous accent with elegant leather selections as a customer favorite, that you can also choose in custom the Leather Furniture design which made from various kinds of option design, beautiful woods graphic patterns all combine with well made solid wooden teak pieces. A variety of leather teak furniture from chairs, lounger to sofas to complete any of your living space.

Teak leather furniture by Piguno made from the finest quality resources all-weather handcrafted with large-scale teak, comfortable inside and outside giving a beautiful solution to your home furnishing.

Don't hesitate to contact us
PIGUNO – Indonesia furniture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62  272 555 888 or +62  272 555 777
Contact Person : Ari (Mr)
Email :

Piguno as Indonesian leather teak furniture exporter and manufacturer fine products offered by Piguno Furniture, Indonesia, sumptuous leather and loose cover chairs premier source for contemporary furniture.

Why leather furniture? Indonesia leather teak furniture is beautiful that work as comfy as stylish accessories featuring made-to-order sofas and chairs leather. We do custom leather furniture made from teak wood covered with beautiful rustic leather that based on the colonial style mid century design makes an authentic looking, arm chairs, side chairs and still many other options available to fit any dining table whether indoor and outdoor furniture.

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